Park Falls ACE Hardware and Rental is your full service hardware store. You can find the items needed to complete your project from start to finish. This is a partial listing of our inventory. The list of inventory we carry is too exhaustive to list everything. Please call or stop in to ask about items not listed.

Hardware - padlocks, chain locks, door knobs, dead bolts, chain, ropes, cable, nails, screws power hammers, washers, bearings, brushes, retaining rings & clips, ferrules, specialty hardware (screws, washers, etc.), project parts, cage nuts, grommets, thread inserts, o rings, square keys, grease fittings, wall anchors, cotter pins, door locks, bungee cords, tie downs, tarps, mail boxes, posts, post connectors, threaded pipe, steel rods, diamond plate, alum. tubes, signs, address numbers, curtains, blinds, drapery, garage door accessories and parts, flooring equipment (threshold, etc.), weather stripping, door and window insulation & kits, etc.
Paint & Stain - interior and exterior paint, stain, primer, water seal, poly, stripper, sealer, plastic sheeting, sprayers, rollers, brushes, tape, scrapers, knives, heat guns, sand paper, steel wool, sanders, spackling, patching supplies, wallpaper stripper, spray paint, craft paint, adhesives, craft paint, thinner, stripper, caulk, silicon, etc.
Image   Kitchen & Bath - sinks, under sink repair, faucets, faucet repair supplies, disposals, tub and shower fixtures & accessories, kitchen fixtures and accessories, water heaters, ceiling fans, toilet seats, shower heads, hoses, towel rods, etc.
Plumbing & Heating - thermostats, filters, venting supplies venting equipment and accessories, fans, heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, vinyl tubing, flex tubing, pvc pipe, plastic fittings, copper/vinyl tubing, drain fittings, pipe fittings, valves, copper fittings, plastic fittings, drains, drainage pipe, drain cleaner, toilet supplies and equipment, sump pumps, utility pumps, etc.
Power Tools - miter saws, table saws, circular saws, reciprocating saws, drills, impact drivers, impact wrenches, cordless tools, power sanders, hand sanders, polishers, rotary tools, grinders, work lights, wet/dry vacs and accessories, routers, etc.
Tools - screwdrivers and sets, mechanics tool sets, wrenches and sets, adjustable wrenches, combination wrenches, pipe wrenches, ratchet wrenches, mechanics tools sets, household tool sets, hammers, cutting tools, hand saws, chisels & pry bars, allen wrenches & keys, clamps and vises, multi tools, files, planes, propane, drill bits, sockets and sets, saw blades, rotary bits and wheels, oscillating tool accessories, etc.
Lawn & Garden - grass weed and feed , flower and plant food, flower and plant chemicals and care, soil, gloves, week killer, bird feeders, bird seed, sprayers, pest control, insect control, bug spray, pots, planters, brackets, shears, loppers, garden hoses, spray heads, nozzles, sprinklers, hose fittings, couplers, reels and hideaways, trimmers and accessories, fence posts, hedge trimmers, chain saws, snow blowers, protective clothing, files, axes, sharpeners, oil and other accessories, rakes, shovels, spades, post hole diggers, garage organizers, grills, grilling accessories, grill repair items, small engine parts and repair, edging, borders, trellis netting, ground fabric, poultry netting, etc.
Image   Electrical -cable, wall plates, cable and wire connectors, circuit breakers, fuses, conduit and fittings, cords and surge protectors, doorbells, electrical wire and cable, electrical boxes and covers, outlets and adapters, testers and tools, home audio and video, light sockets, adapters, light switches and dimmers, wall plates, terminal connections, cable staples, shrink tubing, cable ties, network equipment - cable, jacks, wall plates, computer equipment, phone line equipment and accessories, tv wall mounts , extension cords, surge strips, power strips, etc.
  Sporting Goods -fishing line, bait buckets, baits/lures, tackle boxes, organizers, nets, bait keepers, rods, reels, accessories, deer scents, scent masking, tree stands, tree steps, safety clothing, camo clothing, boots, hats, jackets, gloves, mittens, blinds, game calls,  walkie talkies, biking equipment, bike accessories, bike and tire repair parts, bike locks, tents, sleeping bags, camping equipment, etc.
Automotive & RV - air fresheners, cleaning supplies, soap, wax, gas additives, tire cleaner, tire tools, engine boost and cleaners, gas stabilizer, fluids, cleaners, de-greasers, treatments, towels, floor jacks, compressors, air hoses air accessories, jack stands, air tools, battery jumpers cables, portable starters, compressor accessories, trailer hitches, trailer hitch ball, receiving pins, clips, towing kits, replacement lights, lenses, fuses, lid lights, towing starter kits, winches, wiring and wiring kits, hoses, hose adapters, holding tank treatments, rv toilet treatments, sewer kits, cleaners, lubes, leveling blocks, electrical accessories, etc.
Marine & Pool - oil, sealants, repair kits, cleaning supplies, floatation devices, coolers, boots, rain gear, batteries, boat accessories, lighting, electrical, organizers, rope, towing accessories, paddles, pool chemicals, pool supplies, etc.
Image   Gutters, Casters, etc - casters, gliders, sliders, floor protectors, electric fence equipment and accessories, rain gutters parts and accessories, insulation, firing strips, window locks, etc.
  Housewares & misc. - vacuums, parts and accessories, carpet cleaners, alarm clocks, lights, lamps and accessories, safety equipment, tool belts and accessories, cabinet knobs, office supplies, entry rugs, kitchen utensils, small appliances, stove accessories and parts, waste baskets, garbage cans, knives, cutting boards, canning equipment and supplies, pots, pans, cookware, cleaning supplies, brooms, brushes, garbage bags, mops, handles, sponges, towels, rags, toilet paper, paper towel, buckets, plastic storage bins, closet systems, closet storage, shelving and shelving accessories, etc.
Light Bulb, etc - light bulbs, specialty bulbs, flashlights, batteries, lanterns, puck lights, LED lights, auto accessories, phone batteries, fluorescent fixtures, etc
Pet Items - leashes, feeders, food, chains, stakes, food dispensers, in ground and above ground fences, wireless fences, obedience training equipment, carriers, vitamins, shampoo, brushes and other grooming equipment, disease and pest control, etc.
Misc. - wood pellets, 5 gallon pails, candy and snacks, phone chargers, portable phone power packs, clothing - sporting and camo, fleece, keys made, key rings and accessories, small engine repair, etc.
Home Safety - fire - smoke - co2 alarms, door & window alarms, radon tests, child safety equipment and accessories, safes, etc.
Listing of some of the great Brand Names we carry.